Stress Relief

10 Ways to Reduce Stress In Singapore

Stress is the major issue faced by Singaporeans today. It is the natural result of the hectic day to day activities like care for school, work, family, and relationship needs.

Stress results when your body finds that the demand placed on it by these activities are beyond its ability to manage them. However, it is important to state that there are times where stress may be imperative, as it is beneficial in helping the stressed individual get through tough situations like ultimatums, test, and examinations by boosting energy levels.

Meanwhile, if stress is allowed to continue for a long period of time without medical attention it may lead to conditions like a weak immune system, as well as degeneration in neuroendocrine, cardiovascular and central nervous systems.

Chronic stress may also lead to health conditions like anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood swing, muscle pain, obesity, emotional issues and high blood pressure. Although effective ways to reduce stress may differ from one person to another, this post will highlight a few general ways to manage stress in Singapore.

Get Quality Sleep

Sleep is an important component of life as it affects how every other activity is carried out. It will be very difficult for a person who does not get enough sleep to focus on the achievement of life’s goals.

get quality sleepAdditionally, lack of quality sleep leads to elevated levels of cortisol – the hormone responsible for regulating stress levels in the body. When you are stressed, you will find it very difficult to sleep, which may lead to other conditions like insomnia anxiety, depression, and other similar conditions.

Pharmaceutical medications prescribed to help stressed individuals sleep better may have some unpleasant side effects, hence is advised to relax, avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, rest and keep yourself in a mentally calm state before going to bed. It is believed that this will go a long way toward helping you sleep well thus reducing stress.

Control The Intake of Caffeinated and Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol and caffeine accelerate the level of stress rather than reduce it. It is advised to reduce the quantity of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks you consume. If possible, it is best to avoid taking these categories of drinks.

As you may already know, when taken in large quantities, alcohol may act as a depressant. This invariably means, it only serves to compound your tension if consumed when you are stressed.

To effectively reduce stress in Singapore, you should consider substituting alcoholic and caffeinated drinks with fresh fruit juices, herbal teas, smoothies or even water.

Check Out Relaxation Activities

You may indulge in one or two relaxation activities weekly to relieve stress in Singapore. Activities like yoga and tai chi are believed to have calming benefit for people who are stressed out.

Try relaxation activities

Self-hypnosis is another amazing activity you should consider trying out. Interestingly, even though it offers huge relaxation benefits, the activity is easy and can be done wherever you find yourself and at any given point in time.

It involves focusing your mind on a word that has a positive meaning to the doer such as love, strength, concentration, peace and much more. For a maximum benefit, it is advised to disregard intruding thought and maintain balance until you are satisfied with your level of relaxation. It should be repeated whenever you feel tense.

Manage Your Time Properly

Managing your time well may help you prevent stress in Singapore. Make a schedule for your activities and ensure to follow it strictly.

Do not do anything out of your scheduled activities that you are not comfortable with. Know your limits, maintain your schedules and don’t push yourself too hard. Learn to say no to that friend who likes to hang out and get you all stressed out.

Regular exercise is believed to be beneficial in reducing stress in Singapore as it helps to keep the body active at all times. It is important to state that exercise does not only offer a positive impact on your body, it also does the same for your mind.

When the word exercise is mentioned, the first thing that comes to the mind is running, which may be exhausting for many people. However, it includes several different activities that may range from walking to swimming.

Aside from its effectiveness in regulating stress-related hormones – cortisol and adrenaline, regular exercise also offers numerous health benefits like preventing and managing conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease as well as other long-term health benefits.

Take A Break From Stressors

Take a break if you feel stressed out by a particular activity. This will be beneficial in helping you manage stress levels while living in Singapore, as stepping away from a stressful activity will give you ample time to take up a relaxation activity that will help reduce your cortisol levels.

Take a break from stressors

You may take 5 minutes to breathe in and out. Another amazing stress relieving activity is decompression, which involves wrapping a towel soak in warm water around your neck and then close your eyes for 5-10 minutes.


Meditation is another amazing way to manage stress in Singapore. The activity is believed to be effective in helping stressed individuals relax and focus. Although being with a company can also have a relaxing benefit, there are times when having an alone time is the key to stress relief.

Paying attention to your mind and body through meditation will not only allow you de-stress body, it will also give you quality time to think important, life-changing decision through.

Meditating for a few minutes in a day may reap immediate effects in relieving stress and anxiety. It is believed that repeating the process on a daily basis may alter the neural pathways, in the brain thus making a person more active and resilient to stress.

Smile and Laugh

Smile and laughter may go a long way in relieving stress in Singapore. It is reported that the human brain is linked to facial expressions and emotions in general.

In addition, it takes fewer nerves to smile compared to frowning. When you are stressed, you tend to frown and therefore your face is compounding the tension making yourself burnt out.

Smile and laughter may help ease a little bit of tension mentally. You should also consider doing something you love doing such as reading the comics, watching videos or listening to your favorite band.

Be Social

If you feel bored and stressed out in Singapore, one way to ease tension is to talk to someone. Stress and boredom are intertwined as staying in the company of others may help you forget the reason why you are even stressed in the first place.

be social

Talking to someone about the factors that contribute to stress for you may also help you find a better way to mitigate them. Call a family member or that cool buddy of yours if you are currently in a similar situation.

However, you should consider calling someone you trust and respect as doing otherwise may just end up compounding your issues. Talking to someone who knows and understands you may be your key to stress relief.

Supplements to Reduce Stress

Instead of going for pharmaceutical medications, you may opt for herbal remedies that are effective in reducing stress in Singapore. All you have to do is go for the one you feel will be more effective on your type and level of stress.

Here are some herbal supplements that are effective in providing fast relief from stress:

Valerian Root

Valerian is a powerful herb commonly used to treat insomnia, relax the nervous system, and as a stress and anxiety reliever. It is reported by the University of Maryland Medical Center, that the herb has been used for it medicinal benefits since the second century for better sleep, to strengthen the immune system, as a muscle relaxant, treat nervous disorders and improve
cognitive function. Valerian root extract contains an active chemical component known as the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which is renowned for it relaxing and sedative benefits.

Taking tea made from the extract of the herb just before going to bed is believed to be helpful in allowing relaxation and peaceful sleep. It is both effective and safe to take 200-300 mg of valerian root extract twice daily for managing stress. The herb is more effective when combined with Hops.


Maca commonly referred to as Maca-maca is a herb used to manage stress and it is a good choice for reducing cortisol levels. It is a root vegetable that was initially found in Peru and the high Andes of Bolivia. Maca root extract is now widely used across the globe as a remedy for a number of conditions including stress, depression, and anxiety. The herb is also referred to as Peruvian ginseng because of its stress relieving and energy enhancing benefits. In addition, Maca root is used as an adaptogen and an aphrodisiac because of its high concentration of beneficial chemicals like fatty acids, minerals, and amino acids.

An adaptogen helps to stimulate the natural resistance of the body, thus allowing it to easily adapt to environmental stressors and invariably prevents all the side effects and conditions that may develop from chronic stress. Maca root extract is available in a powdery form and a more bioavailable and concentrated form called Gelatinized Maca. Both forms are effective in managing stress and the best will differ from person to person depending on your level of stress. It is believed that 1000 mg of Maca root twice daily is both effective and safe in managing stress.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is an adaptogenic herb used to remedy some health conditions in traditional Indonesian societies.The herb which is used as a tonic is often referred to as “Indonesian ginseng” because of its stress relieving and energy-boosting benefits.

Tongkat Ali is usually prescribed as an alternative treatment for stress, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, tiredness and other similar conditions. Traditionally, the herb is prepared into soups or taken as a tea. Tongkat Ali helps to keep the body vibrant and active as it increases energy level, mental focus, and vigor. The herb is commonly prescribed to ease stress and is popular in Singapore as it yields positive result about 30 minutes after intake.

However, maximum benefits will be seen after about two to three weeks of taking the herb because that is the time when it stimulates the endocrine system to reduce the stress-related hormone, called cortisol, and increase the production of testosterone.

The herb is beneficial for both men and women as it helps balance the testosterone and cortisol levels in both sexes thus making them calmer. The herb is believed to be generally safe to use but a mild heartburn may be experienced if taken on an empty stomach. A dosage of about 600 mg twice daily is recommended for stress relief.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean red ginseng helps to reduce the level of stress by enhancing the circulation of blood to the brain. The herb has been used in ancient Chinese medicine to treat and alleviate the symptoms of varieties of conditions, including loss of appetite, high blood pressure, mood swing, low libido and unstable body temperature.

It’s benefits include enhancing blood circulation, improve mood, enhance cognition, significantly reduce fatigue, act as an adaptogen, boost the immune system, balance hormones, increase strength, boost stamina and endurance, makes the body active, and maintain overall well being.

In recent times, the herb is widely used and acceptable across the globe for the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, weakness in the body, sleep disorder, dehydration, inflammation, and several other health conditions.

It is believed that the growth in usage and acceptance is because of potency and efficacy in treating these conditions. Korean red ginseng, which is also known as Panax Ginseng is the best among the species of the plant. The herb contains an active chemical component known as ginsenosides which is beneficial in reducing stress and boosting energy in the human body.

A dosage of 300 mg twice daily is believed to be both safe and effective for quick stress relief.


Ashwagandha is a potent herb native to India. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to manage chronic stress, nervous disorders, high blood sugar level, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and many other conditions. The herbs provide a relief from stress by regulating cortisol levels in the body. When you are battling with stress, your cortisol levels may go beyond the normal range, which may result in disorders if left untreated. Ashwagandha is effective in regulating this hormone thus providing its users with a relief from stress and anxiety as well as improve the overall wellbeing.

In addition, it helps to create a feeling of relaxation and mental calmness thus helping its user to concentrate more on a day to day activities. It will also lead to a significant improvement from anxiety, depression, social dysfunction, and sleep disorder. Ashwagandha root extract is available in different forms including power, tincture, tea, and capsules. It is believed that about 500-1000 mg of ashwagandha is both effective and safe in managing stress.

Where to Find Herbal Supplements in Singapore

There are several pharmaceutical stores where you can buy herbal supplements in Singapore such as Watson’s, and GNC. you can also try traditional herbal stores scattered across the country. However, it is important to state that the products offered by stores like Watson’s and GNC may not be of the highest concentration.

herbal supplementsIn addition, the product may not be offered at a reasonable price since these types of dealers focus on a lot more than the herbal supplements. It is recommended to visit online stores in Singapore like for the best deal. This is because It is designed to provide its customers and clients with potent, genuine, and highly concentrated natural health supplements online in Singapore for the lowest possible price.